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The Dome: A Message from Tony Blair

24 February 1998: Launch of the Dome contents

"The eyes of the world will be on Greenwich as the clocks strike midnight on December 31, 1999.

Where once there was derelict land, people will see the most spectacular celebration anywhere in the world to mark the Millennium.

I urge people to support this project because I believe it is good for Britain. It is a display of confidence in the creativity and talents of our people. It is a chance for us all to shape our future and begin the 21st century with a sense of purpose, hope and unity.

It will be a time for the nation to come together to be excited, entertained, moved and uplifted. Visitors from all over the world will have the time of their lives.

Today Britain need not settle for second best. In the dome we have a creation that, I believe, will truly be a beacon to the world."

The Rt. Hon Tony Blair MP, Prime Minister


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